I've always been somewhat interested in cryptography.

If you're looking to get in touch with me securely, my PGP key is available here and the fingerprint is:

E233 DBF7 92E5 30EA AB02  0B81 043B B4D6 DAA7 D1EF

In case you ever want to give me access to a machine of yours, just add

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAt6iP27mb6Lm6UxvKH/3pm0fE9U5JYj6Onc6EW1jlBWgNjJT5HMmWWG7GcAk3kkjU6zRHnjCihNAxhprA1O/qeNlmBsbjhmB2sFbQic2EXgQhgLbzjX/rgwD/180ImIHao1jzCLN8lNbI5PmZPQhdzzUYHPk3IDjNS6/LRS/vSMgfi3DEN/J/uzvLpHSii9obTyMHKYOr8axLukBRho3rUbX8E04iFpTMk2XJaY2F9kLQ8nya2pgUvvFvhRQ/Om39tgvDfQEel3TvajzOChXtfYAq+f4f44hXY5Q86MZVFnVpPg4HcCd720Xa1tCPC4C4c3lSf9KzZPCD0elFsw+q9w==

to your .ssh/authorized_keys and tell me where to SSH.

I'm interested in Bitcoin; one Bitcoin address I use is at


I run (thanks to Seb Sauvage) a zero-knowledge pastebin. It is public for now.

I'm paranoid enough to use google-authenticator a bunch of places. You should too. You can use it for:

Some books I enjoyed about cryptography were

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